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If you are a new Zocdoc patient to our practice, who has made an appointment on Zocdoc, not on our website, there is a required down payment/ deposit of $37 to hold your appointment, which will be written off if you make the appointment off if a) you show up for appointment with the dr or b) if you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of scheduling/ requesting (That is, you have 24 hours from the time you requested the appointment to cancel or there will be a required deposit).   To prevent the charge, if you are unsure you will keep the appointment, you can reschedule at http://www.yorktownxing.net.
You will receive an invoice at the beginning of next month if you cancel your appointment after 24 hours.  Please respond to requests for more information to prevent us from cancelling your appointment. We will inform Zocdoc of a no show if you do not keep your appointment and Zocdoc will penalize you.

PS: Dr Osuji is a primary physician. For new Zocdoc website patient, if your insurance is HMO, please call your insurance to make Dr Osuji your primary physician.


Create an account/ log in our PATIENT PORTAL  to request an appointment and more ..

PATIENTS, PLEASE READ:  For our safety, please notify us prior to office visit AND if you have fever, respiratory symptoms (cough, running nose), muscle aches, weakness, stomach pains,  vomiting, diarrhea, rash, loss of smell and/ or taste.  Also, let us know if you or family member had any recent international or domestic travel and/or contacts with anyone who has traveled, recently or recently diagnosed with COVID-19.  (Please fill COVID-19 screener).

DUE TO COVID-19 emergency, most insurance cover video consultation. Visit the link above to get started. 
If possible, please avoid bringing visitors with you for testing and doctor appointments.

Who We Are?

Thank you for visiting our internet website.
We are located now at: 4654 Hwy 6 N, suite 308, Houston, Tx 77084 (by McDonald's).
Our contact number is: 281-859-7100 and fax is 281-859-7105.
Please excuse us, our website is currently under construction.

For video and message consultation, send a message at https://spruce.care/2818597100
Also, use to receive care if you have urgent symptoms like cold, cough, sore thoat, rash, urinary symptoms, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn and indigestion, elevated blood glucose, headache, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, pinkeye, STD, UTI, COVID-19 symptoms

PLEASE NOTE: THERE IS A CHARGE FOR NO SHOWS. PLEASE CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT 24 HOURS BEFORE YOUR VISIT, IF NEEDED.  IF YOU SHOW UP 15 MINUTES AFTER YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT, PLEASE RESCHEDULE (You can also reschedule and cancel appointment using your portal).  Please help patients who will need to be seen. Thanks!

For our patient portal and more information, visit PATIENT PORTAL 

LAB DRAW AT OFFICE - for basic routine testing, to Covid Testing, and even Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing and more. For a charge, we do lab draw for labs.  We also work with labs: Bioreference, Quest, Labcorp, CPL and nearby hospitals.  PLEASE SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT OR SEND US A MESSAGE

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